Fresh Air Training specializes in giving our clients:
  • FUN! Because if it isn't fun, why do it?
  • UNDERSTANDING Know the problem in order to fix it.
  • SOLUTIONS We're the experts, we've got the answers!
  • RELIEF Wide knowledge base = huge toolbox = endless options!
If your dog is:
  • Reactive to other dogs
  • Shy or fearful
  • A bonehead
  • Giving you the "doggie finger"
We can help! We're in this together. Let's have FUN with your dog! Click here to find out which program is best for you!
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photos and videos
When we first brought Simon to Pint Sized Play, he was very scared. But Wendy and her team took great care to make him feel safe. Before long, he was playing like a champ!
— Julia
The best play groups in town for small dogs. Currently playing safely while social distancing!
The original program developed exclusively for snarky dogs (and their owners!). If you want to start walking your dog during normal hours and blend in with the rest of your neighbors walking their calm dogs this class is for you!
Good Old One-on-One Private Training. It's all about you and your dog(s), 100%.
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