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When we first brought Simon to Pint Sized Play, he was very scared. But Wendy and her team took great care to make him feel safe. Before long, he was playing like a champ!
— Julia

Wendy van Kerkhove, CTC


After graduating with honors from SF-SPCA in 2000, Wendy founded Fresh Air Training to launch the first 100% positive method “Growl” program for reactive dogs in the Twin Cities.

Wendy's writings have appeared in books, peer-reviewed journals and the Star Tribune's Pet Central. As a frequent speaker, she gives workshops for rescue groups, trainers and the public. Through Raising Canine, she teaches online and telecourse programs for trainers worldwide.

But most of all, Wendy is all about having FUN with your dog! She'll make all the hard work seem easy!

Fresh Air Training helps you understand and communicate with your dog.

We accept that dogs do what works for them, not what works for us! We figure out how and why the bad behavior “pays off” for your dog. We then teach him to replace his behavior with something acceptable and “pays off”...even better than the unwanted behavior.

Fresh Air Training does not believe in using any form of aversive techniques—we use 100% positive training methods. Our methods keep everyone happy, safe and bonded!

The strength and depth of relationship and that develops between Fresh Air dogs and humans is really quite amazing!

My dog BooBoo was very aggressive toward other dogs -- in fact, my friends nicknamed him "Boo-jo"!  The 8-week "Bark, Snark and Growl" class made a world of difference for both of us. BooBoo was exposed to other dogs in a safe environment with success, I learned techniques on how to control him and how best to introduce him to new dogs. I loved the class!!!
— Peg
I have been training my dogs with Wendy for the past six years. Not only is Wendy one of the most energetic people I've ever met, her knowledge of dogs (and animals in general) is amazing. She's truly in love with her job. Her methods of training produce very positive results!
— Karen
I have taken several classes from Fresh Air Training and we learned so much!  Wendy treats all her clients, both human and animal, with the utmost respect . She stays current with advances in training and brings fun to her classes, and is never dull!  I highly recommend her to help you and your dog be the best you both can be!
— Cynthia
We attended the Bark Snark and Growl class with Tahla, our German Shepherd. The class and Wendy, in particular, gave us the techniques and confidence to work with her.  Wendy went above and beyond, ensuring we had all the tools to continue the training after the class was over. We didn’t want her to miss out on the benefits of having other dogs in her life and now she won’t.
— Alisa
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