Welcome to Fresh Air Training & Pint Sized Play

Fresh Air Training specializes in offering fun, refreshing and safe experiences for your small dog.

 We are now playing outside. See Play Groups for the location & details.

We are happy to announce we have returned to our outdoor play space in St. Louis Park.

Centrally located and convenient to HWYs 62, 100, 169, and 394.

Think of Pint Sized Play as an Amusement Park with something for everyone – the wild & crazy pups and the shy pups. Here are just some of the rides…

The Spinners that flip you upside down

For dogs that tear around like maniacs chasing each other around, sliding across the floor and wrestling. Getting up, getting a drink and doing it all over again!

The Roller Coasters

For dogs that like to play chase and wrestle – but with lower intensity!

The Ferris Wheel

For dogs that will find each other to jump around and play with but not with the same excitement. They are often dogs that are just learning how to play and they stay out of the crazy riders’ way.

The Little Kid’s Rides

These rides move very slow and steady. They often require an adult to accompany them in case they get scared.

Just Watching!

Some dogs aren’t even ready for the little kid’s rides and would just stay out of the way and watch – that can be fun too!

♦ The Big Difference

There is always someone there to make sure nobody has gotten on the “wrong ride” and can tell the ride operator to stop and let them off!

Read more about our playgroups

Why Play With Us?

  • It’s Safe!

    The dogs are evaluated to make sure that they are good with other dogs.

    Wendy is always there managing the play so things never get too rough & dogs don’t get overwhelmed.

    We limit the number of dogs.

  • It’s great exercise for your dog

    And everyone knows that a tired dog is a good dog!

  • It’s great socialization for your small dog or puppy

    All dogs need to be socialized with both humans and other dogs. Pint Sized Play is the perfect way to accomplish this and Wendy is always there to facilitate a good outcome!

  • If your dog is shy WE ARE THE PLACE TO BE!

    Shy dogs need special and careful attention. The worst thing you can do is keep your dog away from other dogs but introductions need to be very safe and careful and only at your dog’s pace. Shy dogs are my favorites because I love helping them get over their fears and start to play!

  • You can make new doggie friends and human friends!

    If you are a social person you’ll get to meet all sorts of interesting people but if you are an introvert you don’t have to talk to anyone! But you’ll still probably want to play with the dogs

  • It’s SUPER FUN!!!

Rave Woofs!

My dog BooBoo was very aggressive toward other dogs — in fact, my friends nicknamed him “Boo-jo”! The 8-week “Bark, Snark and Growl” class made a world of difference for both of us. BooBoo was exposed to other dogs in a safe environment with success, I learned techniques on how to control him and how best to introduce him to new dogs. I loved the class!!!

I have been training my dogs with Wendy for the past six years. Not only is Wendy one of the most energetic people I’ve ever met, her knowledge of dogs (and animals in general) is amazing. She’s truly in love with her job. Her methods of training produce very positive results!

I have taken several classes from Fresh Air Training and we learned so much! Wendy treats all her clients, both human and animal, with the utmost respect. She stays current with advances in training and brings fun to her classes, and is never dull! I highly recommend her to help you and your dog be the best you both can be!