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We are now playing in our very green and lush fully fenced outdoor space in St Louis Park

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Close your eyes and imagine watching some dogs flying around playing chase, catching up to each other and jumping into a wrestling match. Or, some dogs just jumping up and down wrestling without the “speed”. Or, some dogs just sniffing each other or others hanging next to their moms and dads watching. All along Wendy is racing around watching all the play to make sure everything is okay! That’s Pint Sized Play!

We take special care that your pup doesn’t get overwhelmed. As Wendy says, It’s Pint Sized Play, not Pint Sized torture! Any dog that seems remotely overwhelmed get special treatment so that they feel safe.

Some dogs get snappy when they are scared. That’s okay, we slowly make them less scared and they stop being snappy and start being curious. It’s all good from there!

We do our best to ensure that rambunctious dogs will have dogs with similar playstyles, and that more shy and mellow dogs have similar dogs to play with.

Why is Pint Sized Play so safe? Because you fill out our questionnaire so that we have a good understanding of your dog’s temperament and can make sure we can accommodate it. We’re not like a dog park, we know our dogs!

Many first-time dog owners aren’t familiar with healthy play is. Often times they think the pups are fighting when, in fact, they are having a blast. We’ll teach you!

We ask that you complete our introductory questionnaire so that we will understand ahead of play if any special handling is needed.


5617 Wood LN.
St. Louis Park, MN 55436
Days and Times:

Tuesday 7 pm – 8 pm

Saturday 11am  – 12 pm

Sunday 11am-12 pm

First Time Players

First-time players, please fill out this form before booking your first session. It will help us get to know you better, and notify you of any changes in the schedule. Thank you!

Fill out our questionnaire!

Rules + Details

  • Weight (Under 20 lbs)

    Your dog must be under 20 lbs, but we don’t have a scale!

  • Shots!

    Required vaccinations: DHPP, Rabies & Bordetella

  • Shy & Fearful?

    Dogs who are shy or fearful are highly encouraged to participate!

  • Affordable!

    $15 per session, or see Frequent Player cards, below! First Session is free.

  • Exceptions!

    Your big dog is encouraged to come if he/she is super scared of all dogs!