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Read What Our Customers Have to Say About our Playgroups for Small Dogs and Puppies

We started bringing our dog to Pintsize Playgroup when she was 7 months old to continue her socialization and we continue to bring her as she really enjoys playing with the other dogs.  We really like that PSP is for similarly-sized dogs and that Wendy has the playgroup outside when the weather allows.  She keeps it going during the winter months indoors as well and is always there to ensure that the play doesn’t get out of hand.  Wendy does a great job of creating a positive environment and encourages good behavior in the dogs as they play.   And, we enjoy the conversations we have with Wendy and the other owners too.

I have enjoyed Fresh Air Training playgroups for 4 years now. I brought my Shih Tzu at 6 months due to her high energy level. Over these years I have seen Wendy help so many people how to help their dogs get used to other dogs, fear issues and eventually see the dog turn the corner and become a happier dog. I come because I love Wendy, love people and there are lots of people who I have seen regularly over the years. It’s just a fun outing in our week. I feel lucky to have this great small dog class in my life.Thanks Wendy for entertaining me and Iam basically a lifer at this point!

We look forward to coming and enjoy Wendy’s company and the other dog parents

Wendy is an outstanding impressive fun loving dog crusader!

My husband and I have known Wendy for nearly 7 years and have been attending her Pint Sized Play sessions with our Italian greyhound Posha.  When we first adopted our dog, we were a little nervous being first time pet owners.  Wendy made us feel at ease and helped us learn to identify appropriate play behavior and of course she provided lots of great tips for us as new pet owners.   We truly enjoy going to the sessions and Posha absolutely loves Wendy and the other dogs she gets to interact with.  Wendy is incredibly reliable and is always available for a question or concern – she truly cares about all her clients and most of all their pets. J  She is able to manage all the different breeds, personalities and behaviors during her sessions and does a wonderful job keeping the peace!  We have no hesitation in recommending Fresh Air Training and Pink Sized Play groups for any dog! Ruff!

We enrolled our dachshund puppy in Pint-Sized Play sessions in November of 2005 and have been active members of this group since.   Raising a small breed puppy in Minnesota during winter months is not easy.  Getting our puppy socialized and exercised during the long winters was a challenge until we found Wendy and Pint-Sized Play through the now retired TC Pet magazine at our vet’s office.  Pint-Sized Play is fun for our dachsie and fun for us as well.  We felt good about providing him with a safe environment for him and other small dogs to play.  Our dachshund is now 9 years old and still enjoys romping in the play area with his furry friends and loves getting attention from his human friends he’s come to know throughout the years.

I adopted Luna, a chihuahua/terrier/schnauzer mix, at the end of October, 2021. She had been rescued from a hoarding situation, and at 4 months of age & 9 pounds, she was afraid of EVERYTHING.

For the first month, I had to sit on the kitchen floor with her in my lap before she could work up the courage to eat. I had to lure her out of her crate every morning. I raised my voice ONCE, and she hid under a chair for an hour. I had to lure her out of my yard with treats to go for “walks” that were usually only for 10 feet, before she would hear something that scared her, and she would refuse to move.

On the other hand, she had puppy energy to burn, and it soon became too cold to be outside for any length of time. We were both climbing the walls, and I frantically searched online for indoor dog parks. I didn’t find any of those in the Twin Cities, but I found Wendy, and her Pint-sized Playgroups for small, anxious dogs: huzzah!

The first time we attended Pint-sized Play, Luna sat on my lap and quivered. Wendy had us move inside an enclosure, where Luna could watch the other dogs from a place of “safety.” Wendy checked in with us frequently, and eventually had one of the more mellow, older dogs come in to the enclosure for a few minutes. By the end of the session, Luna ventured out of the enclosure on her own, and Wendy “ran interference,” keeping dogs & people away from Luna, while she explored.

From then on, Luna has been completely comfortable at Pint-sized Play (so much so that Wendy sometimes has me leash Luna for a few minutes, when her exuberance becomes too much for some of the more timid dogs).

I honestly believe that Wendy’s guidance and Pint-sized Play were turning points in building Luna’s confidence– and that confidence has allowed Luna to do things I never dreamed possible just a few months ago. She’s walking around the block like a boss! She’s in Level 3 of obedience Training! She loves everyone, and it has been so fun to see her come out of her shell.

Our Maltese has come out of her shell since going to Wendy’s play dates. We’ve been going for a year now, and the 30-minute drive is so worth it! Wendy is very attentive and knows what she’s talking about. Wendy is quick to redirect and get gentle play going again. And it’s a great place to meet fellow dog lovers!

We first started bringing our poodle-mix puppy Matcha to Pint-Sized Play in 2019 after it was recommended to us by our vet for socializing. Matcha LOVED getting to run around and bounce off the walls with the other small pups but soon (literally) outgrew her welcome. Not to fear – we soon adopted another new pup who would never outgrow Pint-Sized Play and happily returned. This new pup was our chihuahua-mix/Mark Wahlberg lookalike, Marky, who immediately took to the environment and spent his time fawning over and coaxing pets out of his first love – people. In the meantime, we had been bringing Matcha to the “big dog” park, where she soon ran up against the limits of her enthusiasm in the form of some very unhappy larger dogs who quickly put the overactive puppy in her place. Over the months, Matcha took these admonitions to heart and grew to be sensitive towards, and fearful of, unfamiliar dogs and people. We approached Wendy about letting Matcha return to the class because, though she was over the weight limit, she was still a small, timid puppy at heart. Wendy generously agreed to let her come back, in the year or so that Matcha has been back at Pint-Sized Play, she has grown from a pup who would jump up on our laps to escape the other “scary” 10-lb dogs to one who engages in, and even initiates, play. She even let Wendy pet her! (Like….once haha!) We have even seen improvement in her interactions with dogs her size. Though she still shies away from bigger and more assertive dogs at the park, she will interact with gentler dogs and dogs her size, getting into a play stance and trying to get them to chase her! We are forever grateful for Wendy and Pint-Sized Play for coaxing our 40-lb poodle “puppy” out of her shell.

In a climate where socializing options for smaller dogs can be limited in the winter, Pint-Sized Play is truly a gift. Every week, we look forward to bringing the “M&Ms” to this exciting, fun, safe, and nurturing environment for play and exercise. It’s the dog equivalent of Disneyland!

I first learned about Pint-Sized Play on WCCO over 9 years ago.  I gave it a try as my then 4-month-old puppy Cookie was very skiddish around dogs.  The group appeared to be very well-organized – and the price was right.

We’ve regularly attended Pint-Sized Play ever since!  Wendy, Pint-Sized Play owner and certified dog trainer, strikes a fine balance of being personable and professional.  Cookie’s behavior around other dogs in the short and long-term has been a 180…she went from exhibiting constant anxiety to playing and being friendly to dogs both in and out of the group, even with large dogs at local dog parks!

In addition to her ability to turn around the fear and shyness in dogs, Wendy is great at managing relationships with both her human and dog clients – I respect and trust Wendy, and because of her recommendations and expertise, I’ve learned a lot from her about being a dog owner and about dog behavior & socialization. She effectively manages the group’s operation at all times to ensure the safety and enjoyment of all attendees.

We’ve often made it a family affair, bringing our human babies to join the fun.  🙂  I have attended other local dog socialization groups, but they just don’t compare.  I couldn’t be happier and strongly recommend the Wendy and Pint-Sized Play for puppies who need TLC and support while emerging out into the social world of dogs.  I know when the time comes to welcome a new fur baby into the family, I will bring them to Pint-Sized Play!